Friday, October 16, 2015

In Addition to "Spooky Style"

Hey woozens! It's me, the only flowerraco you will ever know on woozworld! This post is going to be adding to the topic of "Spooky Style" by blogger, Chrissy! 

I just got on woozworld, when I noticed this. My jaws dropped to the floor. Yes, this is esqueleta outfit you can get in shopz! I don't have any of the esqueleta items, so I am excited it's back! i think esqueleta is the 2nd rarest after deadmau5, but since it is something you can get, I guess I will call it first for now. But, there is no way I am spending money on virtual the whole plan backfired in my face :(

There is also a black widow collection and black cat collection. I asked 1 random person on woozworld and they said the black cat one is better. Comment down below which one you think is better. Basically, both of them have a combination of outfits, but the black widow one had more I think.

There is also a unit and furniture that comes with it. In my opinion, the unit looks pretty cool, but the decorations aren't as horrifying and creepy as you thought. I am disappointed because I have seen woozworld do a lot better than this. My favorite one was the one for WNS, the one with the huge stage. It was like a dream unit honestly.  
This is the 1st outfit called Pumpkie out in store. I think the barrette hat is super cute! The dress is fine, but they could have done a better job with it, and could have incorporated more pumpkin-like features.

This is the Kattitude outfit. Thanks for being my model Inokes! XD I think the hair would be one of the poorest hairs without the cat hat. The cat hat isn't that good though. The dress is kind of plain (but some people like simple). The socks look really good actually. The shoes look very similar to other heels on woozworld.

There you have it! Those were some updates on the new clothing on woozworld. It started out as a news cover, and then I started acting like a fashion guru (but obviously that's Mya). That is definitely weird because I love fashion, but I don't talk about it at all. Well, halloween is a strange time in the year, so I guess it's normal. 

See you next time!
"Life is a choose your own adventure book. You make a decision, and follow the path. It is all unexpected. The only difference is you can't go back to make a different decision, and there is only one THE END."
-Flowerraco <3

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