Thursday, December 17, 2015

We're Gonna Fix This!

Hey Spies! Gah, it's been forever! I blame the evil chambers of school.. But that's not the point right now,the point is I am SO SORRY for being so inactive! >_< But I will not stand for this, no, I'm gonna fix it! How, you ask? Well that's simple. A giveaway!

I've been getting more and more busy, so I haven't been able to sell or trade most of my rares from when I bought them. To make up for this, I'll be hosting another giveaway! But wait, not so fast! Only if and when we reach 50k views!

That shouldn't be hard at all! :D Less than 2k views away, come on, we can do it! Once we get there, the giveaway shall commence! n-n 

Also, what you've all been waiting for..
New bloggers!

I'll be picking some more, seeing as it's gotten awful quiet, in the next few days. Winter Brak is just around the corner, and the second it's here I will update the blog and all that jazz. :)

Thank you to all you Spies out there who've supported this blog! See you soon <3 

~Winter updates underway~
~Giveaway underway~

-- Rosie Cx

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